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Information about the activities of Solaputi Kids' Camp, as well as camp reports and details of future activities, is available on our site, through various distributed leaflets, and in our members' newsletter.

Annual Report

In our exclusive members' report - 'Solaputi Kids' Annual Report' - we provide camp reports, information on Solaputi Kids' Camp initiatives and plans for future activities.

2013 Annual Report

pdf download

2012 Annual Report

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News release

October 2013 – Declared Provisional Member of SeriousFun Children’s Network;»press release別ウインドウで開きます

Extra information

On this page we plan to announce information about Solaputi Kids' Camp, including the management situation and yearly performance.

✽For inquiries about supporting or working with Solaputi Kids' Camp, or to request an interview, please contact our office via this button.
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